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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

So you don't think that the government is getting too big for its britches? How's this quote?
<blockquote>" ... thats why HUD is enhancing its I forcemeat techniques by initiating investigations on our own, without waiting for individuals to file complaints.  We <u>more than tripled</u> the number of secetary initiated complaints that we filed since 2008, but perhaps most importantly for the first time ever HUD is providing information data to every single neighborhood in the nation detailing what access African American families and members of protected classes have to the community assets that I'm talking about - jobs, schools, transit ..." 
Shaun Donovan
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
This of course means that you will lose your rRight to Free Association ... of sorts ... it will do to neighborhoods what busing did to the public schools

It used to be they <i><b>HAD TO</i><</b> wait for someone to have an issue to step in and investigate, but now they want to get there first ... and in someways this is a good thing -- although there are ALREADY LAWS COVERING THIS discrimination against people based on race/creed/religion/sexual orientation ... but if there is one thing we've learned aobut the Obama administration - they don't let the LAW or COMMON SENSE stand in their way ... EVER

Do I have an issue with minorities moving into my neighborhood? no,  we already have some but also I grew up in a very diverse city - something like 59% of my high school was African-American, and at least 75% minority over all ... BUT i don't think someone should be forced to move into an area for diversity-sake... 

Im afraid it will have one of two possibilities (or both):
a) it will have the same effect asit did on the public school system
b) they will "force" people into high-rises/apartment buildings/city living (aka UN Agenda 21)


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