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Monday, July 15, 2013

Zimmerman trial follow up (updated information)

RWe all know the outcome of the Zimmerman trial in FL .... NOT guilty on the charges filed ... I have not heard of the jurors making any sort of appearances at this point, but hears a little information

E-40 = white, 50-60 yrs old
E-6= white, 30s
B-29= Hispanic, 30s
B-76= white, 50-60
B-37= white, 50s
B-51= white, 60s(although I heard that juror B-29 was black/Hispanic ... Interesting since they labelled Zimmerman as a White/Hispanic ... Very interesting)

<i>[ alternate juror E-54 male, light skinned (could have been white) no age known]</i>

As horrid as I feel for Martins family (the dead youth) I think we all need to sit back and take a breath ... Lets NOT jump to any conclusions of whether the jury was right or wrong ... Lets not put a racial bias to it ... It was a TRAGEDY that a 17 yr old kid/man died ... It is a TRAGEDY that Media got so hipped up in the beginning that they made ASSUMPTIONS which were completely wrong but instead of backing off or even saying they screwed up they just piled the truth Nader a bunch of speculative "reporting" .... It's a TRAGEDY that the president of the United States has spoken out on a case which has not been laid to rest yet ...

I/you may understand that the CRIMINAL STATE trail is over .... But there is a call for the Justice Department bring a case of "Civil Rights" violations against Zimmerman .... Pushed by the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and others ... Martins family will be pursuing a CIVIL SUIT against Zimerman for "wrongful death" - I don't know what they'll win though, he has no money, the funds for his lawyers came from donations not income ... The FBI is getting involved now too for some reason (according to Drudge Report, but I haven't read that story yet) ...

This is LOOOOOOOOOOOONG from being over ....

This may not be the horrid results that we saw after the Rodney King trail (rather the officers who used force to detain King ... With their billy clubs and tasers that is) .... But t has the POTENTIAL of becoming a new one if the government doesn't start putting some time behind it ...

Everyone ...



CHANGE THE LAW if you don't like it, change the POLITICIANS if you think they're the issue ... But DO NOT break windows or start fires or incite riots as they did in Oakland, CA this weekend ... That helps NOTHING and NOONE!!! 

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