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Thursday, September 05, 2013

911 needs 911 in Detroit

So two people are going to be charged in Detroit for a woman being shot with an ak47 ...

The shooter ... Well of course

And the <b><u>911 operator </u></b> 

In Detroit it takes about 57 minutes to have police show up after calling them -- sounds like the perfect reason to have your own gun, if you ask me ... It was 20 minutes in Minneapolis several years ago ... 

Detroit has HIGHEST <u>VIOLENT CRIME </u>of any city in USA (2012)

Detroits highest HOMICIDE level in 40 years (2012) ... But that's relative, if we had one mirder here, we would have hit a 20 year high (we are very law abiding citizens)

National average is 11 minutes

In Islamabad it hey average 5 minutes (according to them)

In Johannesburg it's about 21 minutes (although they took quite a while to get to that Olympians house when his girl friend got shot)


Apparently she called <b>6 times<b> for help ... The officer in charge of the phone bank (he not only got taken off the Communication Center, he got demoted to Inspector ... So he got a cut in pay, oooooo <insert eye roll here>)

The calls came in the early morning when work shifts were changing - it's believed the operator WAITED for the shifts to change before putting the call through ... <i> really?</i> REALLY!

Once the call got through the cops were there in 8 minutes ... By then she was in critical condition ...

So the question is:
<blockquote><b>is the 911 supervisor guilty of a crime? Or was waiting to send help within the scope of their job description? </b></blockquote>

He used really poor judgement that's for sure ... Waiting an entire hour to show up is unspeakable!  

WOW ... But I'm betting the officer will be put on desk duty or some other really low "scum" job until the controversy dies down ... Or if they are like the place I used to work,, they will promote him in the end for getting the EMS there on time ...

Oh th shooter?

They got away ...

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