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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What's Wrong With This Photo??

{yes THIS is the correct blog for this post}

I saw this photo on Drudge Report today, can you tell whats wrong with it? 

(Yes it was a screen shot)

Any ideas yet?

Striped wallpaper? Nope that's not it ...

Biden (at least that's who I think it is) looking off with his mouth covered? No that's not it either ...

Maybe it's the emptiness of the desk? No - but you are getting close ...

Apparently his mother and step-father must have been working for a very long time because he was never taught NOT TO PUT YOU FEET ON AN ANTIQUE!!!!

I'm sorry ... But had I seen a photo of Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, LBJ, Carter, Reagan, or either Bush Presidents with their foot resting on a National Treasure - I WOULD BE SAYING THE SAME THING!

At least ... at the VERY LEAST ... Put a cloth on the desk, or one of those desk mats that you could put under your foot instead of scuffing up the edge and damaging the top!

You know that is going to cost a pretty penny to get fixed up ... He doesn't get to take it with him - that's US property.

Oh we'll ... That's the new generation for you ... They don't appreciate jack crap unless they pay for it by themselves ...

On the plus side - I'm betting the call is about striking Syria ... You know that country where Saddam Hussein sent all his chemical weapons while the UN gave him nearly 2 years to move them out and clean it all up ...  

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