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Thursday, October 31, 2013

How's That "CHANGE" Working For You????

Holy Crap!!!

New Health Care numbers are out ... And they are hgh!

The number of people who have had their insurance DROPPED because it doesn't meet those 10 "must haves" that the federal government says they MUST have ... And yes there are people with great plans who didn't have those ...

CA: 900,000
OR: 150,000
MI; 145,000
GA: 400,000
* VA, MD, DC: 76,000 *
NJ: 800,000
FL: 425,700

* the graphic I saw did not say if this s <i>combined</i> number or for <b>each</b> state3region (since DC is not a state, although they seem to think they are.

So I keep wondering ....


I know there's some question on "abortion" .... Apparently ALL the plans offered online DO pay for abortions ... WTH ax are money, btw ... But I can NOT find info on what the 10 things actually ae.

This is so screwed up!

See this is the problem with <larger><b> GOTTA PASS IT TO FIND OUT WHAT'S IN IT </b></large> legislation ....

It's the trouble with <large><b> midnight passage </b></large> legislation

Did you catch the Presidents speech yesterday?

He was POKING FUN at the troubles people were having SIGNING UP for the new Health Care plan ... He just DOESN'T GET IT!!!!

My poor children will have to live with this ... My grandchildren will know nothing but this ... 

This is like a really bad Hollywood movie ....


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