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Thursday, October 31, 2013

How's That "CHANGE" Working For You?

Health Premium Costs

$5,886 Avg ANNUAL PREMIUM for single coverage

UP 25% average PRICE HIKE under Obama Care (individual plans)

50% pay more for health care now than ONE YEAR AGO (poll)

UP 100% rise in rates for young people (GA)

UP 40% rise in cost of individual plans (FL)

UP 70% rise for buying your own plan instead of going thru state agency (SC)


This is NOT right!  This is so WRONG!!!  This is going to KILL the nations health care ...

BTW, it doesn't sound like RELIGION is a way out of this either ... So those groups who believe that God will take care of them - sorry, you've got to pay .... Those who don't believe in paying for something you may not need/use, sorry you gotta pay ... Those who don't believe in paying for birth control/abortions/fertility stuff, sorry!

We are all F%ck3d on this one

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