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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Ooooo - just saw these on the news

§ Ambulatory Patient Service
§ Rehabilitative & Habilative Services & Devices
§ Mental Health & Substance-Use Disorder Services
§ Preventative & Wellness Services & Chronic Disease Management
§ Emergency Services
§ Hospitalization
§ Pediatric Services
§ Laboratory Services
§ Prescription Drugs
§ Maternal & Newborn Care

There they are ... The 10 MUST haves to keep your insurance ...

So I guess MEDICARE is out then since its meant for the elderly - so my guess is it doesn't cover #10!

I would assume that rehab is in there because they are expecting more people to use drugs since they are trying t legalize them .... hmmmm

I have to say ... If I were a young, stupid voter ... Yeah I'd think this was all good

But now that I'm getting closer to my senior years ((did you know they apparently start at 55 yrs old now, according to AARP?) I'm thinking I'll be paying for a lot of crap we don't need!

I'm DONE having kids -- why do I have to have maternity care in my plan? Why do I have to have Newborn care? Why do I have to have pediatric care?

Better question - even as a young parent, why do I have to have PEDIATRIC care?

The best doctors I've found for kids are GENERAL PRACTITIONERS ... The Pediatriicians I've had to deal with we're IDIOTS ... They are most likely to treat just the child they see, instead of going " hmmm this is very contagious, lets treat the whole family" .... They are less likely to give out free samples so a child can get on meds right away ... They are more likely to diagnose the "Disease of the Week" - oh story time ...

When my oldest daughter was about 2 years old she had a NASTY cough - it was awful, loud, deep, non-productive ... Our regular doctor was on vacation (Florida I think) so they assigned us to the clinic pediatrician.

Okay fine - we needed to get her in ... The doctor glanced at her file for 2 seconds - I swear she didn't even read it - listened to her breath and announced "your daughter has asthma!"


My brother had very bad asthma as a kid - I know the sound of asthma ... I told the "doctor" my daughter did NOT have asthma ...

She began to give statistics about how many kids have asthma and go undiagnosed ... I told her she was wrong and my daughter only had a cold and I wanted a prescript so the daycare could give her meds - that was all I needed!

Then there was the whole pneumonia incident with my oldest ... He would scream whenever we picked him up ... The After Hours clinic said there was nothing wrong, the pediatrician said there was nothing wrong - I took him in OUR doctor who found the pneumonia on the outside of his lung! So every time we picked him up, he'd draw in a deep breath and it would HURT like hell!

Older doctors are better than younger ones, in my opinion - they've seen it all ... They have forgotten more medicine than most of these doctors learn in college! Unfortunately we have a group of door torts these days which will be the older doctors of tomorrow ... A bunch of fools who think the more expensive the test the better off they are ...

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