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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Testing ... Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3

So have you tried the Obamacare site yet? 

Apparently the administration - or the IT specialists that built it - tried and they came up with the following results during their stimulation:

It was only able to handle 1,100 people at a time or else it would CRASH
(it worked great when there weren't ANY other users on it though ... Kind of like Biden - works great when there's nothing to do)

Max. Load of 10,000 users was the GOAL (out of 300 million people who need health insurance)

Administration was only EXPECTING 60,000 users
(hmmm, but there is 1,000 times more people in America than that which are without insurance .... They had to have used that new-math)

Official explanation???

"take away the volume and it works"
(I'm pretty sure that we would find the same thing with government too ... Take away all these privacy infringing laws, and it will work better .... and cheaper too)

Any way you look at it ...

And we are the ones getting HOŚED!!!!!!

Have YOU gotten cancelled yet??
We have NOT yet ... But hubby isn't so sure about next year

If you qualify for SUBSIDIES - did you know tha just because the government says you get it this month, does NOT mean you will get it next month? And you will still have to pay IN FULL?
They are just CREDITS on your TAXES ... You won't see any money at all!

NOW how's that CHANGE working for you?


Bwaaaaaa-haha .... whimper, whimper, whimper   

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