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Thursday, November 07, 2013

I Don't Even Know What To Call This ...

So you would think with the CIA ... FBI ... NSA ... FCC ... any other Alphbet Soup of agencies out there that the administration ( as in OBAMA & BIDEN themselves) they could get a phone umber right ... Right??

Well .... WRONG!!!

On Tuesday night - after the elections - BOTH tried to call Marty whatever-his-name-is to congratulate him on winning the mayoral campaign ...

They got the wrong guy .... Twice

First President called via the WH switchboard ... Be ause apparently when you become POTUS you forget how to use the phone ... The guy gave him the correct number ...

Then the VP called ... Didn't even let the guy get much more than "hell" out of his mouth when Biden started congratulating him ... 

And these are the people who pushed for Obamacare!!!!

Boy ...

This explains a LOT, doesn't it??

Link to story on ABCNews

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