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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WOW ... That's All I Can Say!

I have not been able to find the full hearings with this guy on cable (the three CSPANs are playing other stuff) BUT here are some of the highlights that Fox had on that I did catch:

Mr. Todd Park <b>{chief White House Technology Officer} </b>   : I believe as public servants we have a shared goal, to deliver to Americans a service they deserve and expect ...


Senator1: ... and I think that since day 1 only 6  people got to the end I think that for the American people understanding that whatever the capacity is today, the capacity was insufficient on day 1 - isn't that correct?

Park: so sir, just n the interest in providing the most accurate testimony I can ...

Senator1: no, I only want to know if on day one if the capacity was efficient ...


Senator2: so it's fully tested as the other IT projects you have overseen - to that same standard?

Park: uuuummmmm .... I'm - trying to - understand what you mean by "fully tested"? It was tested in that ...

Senator2: FUlly tested? HOLY COW this is like a new low!


The senators went after each other too:
SenatorA: Four minutes!
SenatorB: not only am I ask if its political or {unintelligible} 
<i> [they were arguing over a senator was due to get a few more minutes, the chair said no because they were short on time and the last time this senator asked for 1 extra minute apparently he took 4 on top of that} </i> 
Chairman: gentleman's time - the gentleman is recognized
SenatorA: so your not going to run a fair hearing your just going to go out and do this all the way

Then they switched testifies ... But the questions seem just as harsh

Senator3: how many cyber attacks have there been on the system?

Ms. {name to come later}: we are aware of one open source action perpetrating a Denial of Service attack against the site that has been unsuccessful


Senator4: as was stated by the Secretary herself, it is possible that a felon may be a navigator 
<i> {navigators are people who help you sign up and get all you info like DOB, SS#, address ... You know, all that stuff you need for identity theft}</b> 

{end clips}



What else can you say? 

Todd Park couldn't understand the term "Fully Tested"?  


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