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Friday, December 13, 2013

Customer Service???

Now I know Americans are catching French-worker disease ... Low hours, high pay ... we've fallen so far ...

But this just pisses me off!

At least 4 times this year (the last two in a row) I've had UPS deliveries delayed due to "weather" but at least that happens when it's either snowing heavy or extremely cold ... So I've forgiven them.

But today I wasn't standing for this one ... FEDEX is now using the weather as an excuse ...

So what wass the weather out there when they tried to "deliver" the package?

It was 14°F and SUNNY .... Wind speed was between 0 - 5 mph ...


That's bad weather???

Maybe if you're from Cairo Egypt (see previous story :-)

They are supposed to deliver tomorrow ... But I don't know ... The weather is supposed to be worse

I think the driver went to the wrong address ... There are three streets/roads with names similar to ours in nearby towns

I'm betting it was more along the lines of the driver wanting to get off early ... Or they just didn't want to try our driveway

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