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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Economic Education


DOWN to 7% 

Lowest in <b>7 years </b> 


What you are NOT being told ...

---> 11 MILLION people have dropped out of the work force and are NOT getting unemployment benefits ... With them the rate would be UP around 11 - 15%

---> <b>91 MILLION people </b>are out of work in America <u>  right now </u> 

---> PART-TIME jobs are now being counted in the NEW JOBS numbers

---> Since 2009 (when Obama took office) <u> <b>75% </b> of new jobs are PT ONLY </u> </b> 

---> Lowest labor participation in <b>30 years</b> 

---> stats took into account the furloughed government workers getting their jobs back, even though they were NOT counted against the unemployment rate when they were furloughed in the first place
(Since they were not technically unemployed)

So what jobs were added?

---> Manufacturing industry: 27,000 jobs

---> construction added 30,000

Okay - this is since Obama took his first oath of office in 2009 ...

These are also UNION jobs - you HAVE TO BE a UNION MEMBER to get them - so of the 91 million Americans out of work, how many of them belong to the right union, if any union at all?

Very few, obviously

1,125,000 jobs created (of the 1.5 million created since Obama took office) are only PT jobs ... Wondering why so many people are complaining that they need a raise for PT work?  

There you go!

Blame Obama 

FULL-TIME is supposed to be 40 hours a week ... Right??  Not under Obamas administration - it is now <u> 30 hours a week </u>, but none of those break-time rules have been updated so it will seem like you are working more {right now if you are scheduled to work for more than 8 hours you are supposed to get 2 10-minute breaks and an hour lunch break}

By the way ...

For those of you who are complaining about the "wealth gap" ...

Did you know that the earned income DIFFERENCE in Washington DC is HIGHER than in the rest of America? 

But get this straight ... The MAJORITY of wealth does not come from being rich ... It comes from AGE

You will earn more at 25 yrs old than you did when you were 19yrs old ...

You will earn more at age 40 than you did when you were aged 25 ...

You will earn more at age 65 than age 40 ...

Not because you are stingy ... Not because you are unfair ... But because you LEARN ABOUT MONEY!

You get raises at your jobs
You get better jobs
You learn to invest (although the government has killed Savings Bonds)
You learn to save your money

THAT is how you raise your income

In my case - I learned to buy food on sale and then can it ... 

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