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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Follow Up: Health Care Enrollment

You may have heard that Obama is going to set something up where people can keep their plans for ONE YEAR if they like their plans {screw those who have already lost their plans, I guess}

Here's a map that Fox News had:
{sorry, it's the best shot I could get}

Red = changes won't work
Green = agree with changes
Yellow = looking into whether they can do the changes
No Color = no statements yet

Yes - this means the MAJORITY of the nation is sitting back and waiting to see what everyone else does ... It makes sense that CA would be on board - they have had over 1 MILLION people get cancelled since the launch of ... FL too - it also had a bery high number of people who got axed from their plans

BUT, the President did not say ANYTHING about people who have already been dropped by their insurance companies ... He didn't say anything about companies accepting people with pre-existing conditions but not covering bills FOR the condition ... He did not say anything about people paying for services they did not need (why would a senior have to pay for pre-natal care?) ... Etc

There is so much that needs to be worked out IF they had not PUSHED THIS THROUGH congress and had allowed for time to read it over carefully enough ... But there is the theory that this was the plan so the nation would be forced into a single-payer plan ... Nationalize Health Care, just like in Europe ...

Europe ... Where the people come to America for health needs

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