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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Economic Education

Someone needs to go back to school I think .... 

Here are the latest Nmbers from DC ...

Jobless rate***
Best in 3 years, they say ....

Job Creation
In December

1.3 MILLION people lost benefits when long-term bill was not signed

Highest number of people SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION not working in more than 1 yr after losing their jobs .... <b><u>90 MILLION people </u> </b>  .... They do NOT get counted in the Jobless rate

Wow - aren't you glad the economy is doing so well?


#1: notice it's not "Unemployment" now? Either Fox News or the White House has switched it to "jobless Rate" .... But it is STILL based on the number of people applying for benefits

#2: economists say that 200,000 jobs are needed EACH month to keep up with those who enter the work force during that time .... Wow .... That's a LOT of people!

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