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Monday, January 13, 2014

Self Control

I'm betting that former military leader who wrote his memoirs that basically says what everyone already knew  ... I.e. Biden is always wrong and Obama & Hillary only does things for political points .... No, I have not read his book nor have I read the excerpts ... 

BUT - I commend him on his <b> SELF CONTROL</b> ...

He started under Prez Bush 2 ... Continued on under Obama .... That's my understanding at least .... It doesn't sound like he has a lot of nice things to say, although I guess he does say Hillary is pretty well loved around the world {insert eye roll here}  he stuck it out .... He did his job ... He held his head above it all and kept his eye on what was happening overseas .... He did his job.

<u> I on the other hand </u> tend NOT to have this same capacity .... I tend NOT to mind my own business ... I tend to PUT MY HAND IN where its not wanted ...

Like my daughters business ....


Her boyfriend has decided that they were "two different people" .... Grrrrrrrrr .... They were the same basic people a year ago, but it has suddenly dawned on him?????

They had been living together, came over for Christmas ..... He really liked his gifts (superman stuff) .... And they were supposed to be looking for an apartment to move into TOGETHER ... I guess he never really looked that hard.

But the thing that made me go "hmmmmmm" was when his EX-GIRLFRIEND moved into his place with her 2 kids too .... NOT his kids .... She split with her hubby and had the kids with her ... Guess she's trying to get full custody of the kids ...

Okay .... So what does this have to do with SELF CONTROL???

I'm trying NOT to be, but I'm getting really close to being this:

It is very hard for me not to pull out the cauldron and turn him into a toad, so to speak ... Very tough not to cause him some serious "discomfort" .... Awfully hard not to make the snapping turtles he has not bite him and then turn septic ....

It's soooooooooo ... <i> tempting </i> 

But my daughter says no ... She says that yeah it hurts but stirring my cauldron and lighting the candles will not help her ... She wants to "stay friends" ...


So props to that memoir guy ... He's got better self control than me "....
I'll wait ... For a week ... Maybe ... Although ... There is always the Three Fold rule - that's a big brake ...

But still ...

I DO have green eyes!

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