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Friday, January 03, 2014

Numerology Class

The numbers are not going to match up - I'm telling you

1st employers got a PENALTY deferment - but PEOPLE DID NOT

So even if your employer doesn't get fined for not offering insurance, YOU are responsible to GET IT!!!

23% of employers will not hire more people until AFTER the 2014 debt limit is resolved

54% of employers do not anticipate changing staffing levels

12% of employers will hire workers as PT instead of FT because of health care law

51% of employers say they have positions tht they can find candidates 

20% smaller employers plan to hire more people on 2014

§§§§§  §§§§§  §§§§§  §§§§§  §§§§§  §§§§§

__HIRING IN 2014 </u> 
42% Temporary Workers
24% Permanent Workers
2201 Hr professionals/hiring managers
MOE: 2.09 pts

§§§§§  §§§§§  §§§§§  §§§§§  §§§§§  §§§§§

This isn't adding up people!

It is sooooo screwed up ... Employers will only be charged $2000 in penalties PER EMPLOYEE that they do NOT cover ,,, it costs more to cover a person than that ... Which I'm sure most people are finally starting to learn!

Fewer people are finding they actually qualify for those SUBSIDIES that were promised ...

This means MORE is being taken OUT OF THE POCKETBOOKS/WALLETS of those who can NOT afford it!

And with the job market the way that it is, they are not likely to either ... 

And NO, raising Minimum Wage is NOT going to help ... It will in fact make it WORSE

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