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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Political Asperations Squashed

How would you caption this photo of twins born in 2013&2014?

Personally I think the 2014 baby is telling her sister "if you run for office, you are SOOOOOO screwed!"

Not because they were born in different years ... If you've had a baby then you can understand how there could be minutes perhaps maybe 1/2 hour between babies (it takes a while to recover from popping one of those 21" heads out!

But rather because whoever captioned this photo originally screwed up and dropped a single number ...
Baby 2013 was not born dec 1st ... She was bornDECEMBER 31st!!

And with the way some bloggers love to jump on such bits of info for their doomsday scenarios I can so see this biting her in the butt later ...

And no ... I do not consider myself to be a doomsdayer ... 

While I do believe Obamacare is contradictory to the Constitution, and just a bad idea all around ...
While I do believe we will be having another Depression sooner than anyone is ready for (maybe 2016/17 if there's a party shift in the White House) ....
While I do believe that there is quite a few questions surrounding Obamas actual birth place & school records ...
While I do believe that the IS government has gotten "too big for their britches" ....

That does NOT make me a Doomsdayer!

I believe we can weather through it ... I believe that we will survive ... I believe that we as a nation will grow

If we aren't invaded first that is ...

Or break into Civil War ...

Joking ... I am SOOOOOOOO joking!!

Just look at the photo above ...


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