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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Out of Bounds FDA!!!

So the FDA is trying to enforce laws that are meant to stop the sale of synthetic drugs (ie Bath Salts, etc) BUT the way they are doing it is by having a NEW definition of what a drug is ...

Now it will be ANY COMPOUND OR SUBSTANCE that is not REGULATED by the FDA ...

But this will also include things such as Rosehips, Ginsing, Gingko, Chamomile, etc ... It will include things such as teas, lotions, salves, etc ... Because they can be used for medicinal purposes even without medical training .... After all, they are NATURAL substances ...

But because the definition is so BROAD now they would be/could be included in it ...

This is a very dangerous step ... 

And it may/might begin to hurt the farmer/family businesses which sell these products.


I think it's a very bad move -- they better tighten that language an awful lot!

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