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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Straight From Their Own Mouths

Okay I knew the Farm Bill was going to have strong Liberal opposition - but AGDay this morning had actual quotes from Representatives who opposed the cuts -- remember that the bill that passed is still <b> 5/6ths /<b>the original proposal!

Here we go:

It had only <u>one hour of debate </u> 

It passed 251 YEAs (162 Repub/89 Dems) to 166 NAYs (63 Repub/103 Dems)
~~ rather bipartisan in both columns there, huh? ~~
<blockquote>" I ask my colleagues to think back, to remember, listening to their parents or their grandparents talk about how Franklin Roosevelt stood up for the little guy.  Remember those pictures of bobby Kennedy touring though Appalachia and touching the cheeks of hungry children -- that's why we became democrats in the first place, those are the people who got us into politics, those are our people.  Don't throw that away just to be able to say you voted for a farm bill ..."
Rep. James McGovern (D-Masschettes) </blockquote> 
<blockquote>"No matter how much money we spend, on supplemental programs to make sure our fellow citizens have enough to eat - that's important - never forget, if there's no a product on the shelf, if there's not meat in the case, if there's not vegetables or fruit available it doesn't matter how much you subsidize - the food has to be there"
Rep. Frank Lucas (R - House Ag Committee, Chair {no state mentioned}) </blockquote> 
Now experts suspect that this WILL be approved in the senate ... Which kinda makes sense since there are enough seats coming up for vote that could tip the scales to the other side, while very few seats in the House are coming up for vote ...

This bill does NOT contain a Payment Limit reform - which was in the original bill - it was meant to limit or cap the amount of money any farmer could get within a single year and take out loopholes that exist now.  

Another portion that did not pass was one where states could impose their own animal welfare standards on food suppliers in other states ... The example given in the show was CA imposing caging rules on chickens which supply eggs from IA ... Kind of makes sense but then the IA chicken farmer just doesn't have to sell their eggs in CA either, CAlifornians would end up having to pay more for their eggs because of the higher standards and would complain to their legislators who MIGHT listen to their concerns ... but then, we are talking about CA where animals have more rights than people I guess.

Total number of pages in this bill? 1000!

Really? 1000 pages? No wonder the vast majority of congress people are lawyers & doctors ... Geez!

But at least a bill got passed

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