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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rights vs Rights

Hmmmmmm .... Seems to me that the term Reproductive Rights is a misnomer .... 

We do have a right to reproduce .... We do have a right to choose our partner for this reproduction ... But do we have the right to end a life if we want to?

I mean - what about the Right to Life?

The new healthcare law makes it mandatory for insurance to cover birth control and ABORTIONS .... I'm not sure that's right ....

It's a two edged sword ...

While YES it will help prevent children from being born into situations which are bad for them (parental, economics, drugs, etc) it takes AWAY the choice of - well - CHOICE

Everyone points to the Catholics in the anti-abortion "fight" but there are SEVERAL religions who are against it .... Muslim, Buddist, catholic, Pentecostal, hessidic, etc .... Then there are those who simply believe that life begins at conception instead of birth.

The whole contraceptive fight began because many women were being forced by their husbands to bare children they didn't want or couldn't afford, a smaller number were for rapes which conceived a child ... They were a way to prevent abortions - which at the time were hideous things done by unscrupulous doctors or nurses ... Many women died from bleeding out or infection - a LOT more than in the 60s .... 

In the "60s" - basically that period of time from 1950s-1970s) several GIRLS did suffer from "Back Alley" abortions ... usually performed by someone who "knew how" but not usually a doctor or nurse.  Not in "back alleys" but not in the most sterile conditions either - usually some seedy hotel/motel/apartment. 

It was nasty business but I don't remember ever hearing of anyone actually dieing from it ... Sterilized by infection or error, yes - but not death .... My understanding is that most were performed on women who were into drugs, etc 

There really are women, some men, who think of abortion as their form of birth-control ... I know, seems odd, but I used to work with a gal who was this way.  And we've all heard of the guys who would rather pay $300 (is that the cost?) for an abortion than to pay for a "lifetime" of child support ... 

So does Reproductive Rights mean you HAVE to believe in & pay for contraception & abortions? Or does it mean you can CHOOSE to pay for those things if you wish but you don't HAVE to? 

Seems to me -- that they should be extra costs ... As well as payment for obstetrics .... It might actually make kids THINK THINGS THROUGH before they do anything ... 

Hmmmm ...

Right to Life vs. Reproductive Rights ....

Interesting premise .... 

<i>DISCLAIMER: this of course does not include rapes, incest, life of mother ... These are areas where the rights of the woman has been removed from her ...
Also, when life begins is outside of my personal understanding - I believe on error ing on the side of caution's just my personal view

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