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Monday, February 03, 2014

More PROOF of Global Warming

Yeah riiiiiight ....

Just to make sure they are still going to have jobs, the NWS has decided to make yet ANOTHER type of weather map for Hurricane Season ...

A Color Coordinated Storm Surge map for the coastal areas ....

The maps are going to be updated every 6 hours and will show the expected water depth/height and where they expect it to be ...

How will the public see this?

"we don't need to evacuate - look the map says its not gonna come here" .... I'm sure

I'm also sure this is a reaction to the fuss made by Hurricane Sandy hitting NY last year .... <i> pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee </i> .... What they need to do is EDUCATE people on how to listen to the weather reports!

NY was warned .... It didn't go as deep into the city as they thought it would but it DID wipe out those who lived on the coastal areas ...

Anyone else notice how Obama hasn't gotten any BLAME in the media for houses not getting fixed as quickly? There are still a LOT of businesses and homes that have not been rebuilt because of all the new regulations/taxes/fees/etc .... You heard stories for about 2 weeks then it got dumped .... But that's a different post ...

NWS ....

They are doing everything they can to keep the Global Warming fiasco going .... The latest I've heard is that the POLLUTION IN CHINA CAUSED THE POLAR BLAST!!!!


Apparently there are meteorologists that believe the amount of pollution in China has warmed up that part of Asia to the point of fooling the Earth into moving the polar weather system to where the pole would have been in comparison .... Geez - REALLLLY????

Now they are scared of being sued for not warning people .... I'm waiting for the same attention being given to the Coastal areas being given to the Upper Midwest .... But then ... We are in a very weird spot ... So I'm not holding my breath.

Sigh ....

So do YOU think that these new weather/storm surge maps are necessary or not?

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