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Monday, February 03, 2014

Numerology Class

Quick farm numbers:

CATTLE numbers are lowest since <b>1951</b>

Total in US (from AG report) = 87 million 2% DOWN from last year
Cows = 38.3 million 1% DOWN from last year
Heifers = 5.5 million 3% UP from last year

(what's the difference between heifers & cows?)

Beef Production = 5% DOWN

They say it's because the cost of feed & weather that's keeping the beef amounts down - but I don't know - if I could get $10/lb instead of $3/lb by keeping the numbers low ... I'd be keeping the numbers low!  

Of course .... If the beef industry is anything like the milk industry, the ranchers aren't seeing that much of an increase at all .... Although milk is $3/gallon farmers are only getting pennies per gallon of milk ... The farther they are from Eau Claire WI the better they get, too.



Whoa, published too soon I guess ...

NEBRASKA now TIED with TEXAS for CATTLE production ...

2.45 Million Head (TX)
2.45 million Head (NE)
2.1 million Head (KS)

Very interesting .... I thought it was TX, MT, OR for the top three ... Didn't realize how much literature/movies have effected that part of my mind set ... Interesting

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