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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Numerology Class

The Numbers Game ... That is what Washington DC plays when it wants to put itself into the best light ...

Take for instance the new Unemployment number

<b> 6.3% </b>
Down from 6.7%

Added 288,000 jobs in April

But HOW did the number go down? That's the big question ... 

This is what you are NOT being told;

806,00p people who STOPPED looking for work
62.8% labor force participation
Down 0.4%

This means:
NOT EVEN <u><b>2/3 of QUALIFIED labor is looking for work </u><b/>

Raigsing minimum wage will NOT fix this ...

Long Term Unemployed (people out of work over 6 month) went down to 2787,000
 " " ___" " ____" "  " ____ fell by 908,000 compared to one year ago
BUT still <u><b> 8.5 MILLION people </b> </u> People are LONG TERM Unemployed!!!

By group:
Adult Men 5.9%
Adult Women 5.7%
Teenagers 19%

Whites 5.3%
Hispanics 7.3%
Blacks 11.6%

They keep playing with these numbers ... But really anything they do will more than likely increase UNION jobs, not jobs anyone could do ...

Even if the Pipeline goes in, that will benefit UNION workers the most ...


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