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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bad Dog!

We had to put our dog down last year because she was getting too overly protective ... She began to charge at people who she didn't know very well -- a very bad trait in Newfs ... Only one way to see what was going on and that meant putting her down.  Brain exam showed no rabies ... So I supposed that was good, but really sad.

Any how -- this leads to the release of a new report by the Post Office workers Union about the top "25" cities for bites ... But it's really disceptice because there lots of ties between cities but they counted them as just one city ... In reality there are <b><u><i> 38 cities listed:</b></u></i>

1. Houston (63)

2. Los Angeles (61)

3. Cleveland (58)

4. San Diego (53)

5. Chicago (47)

6. Baltimore (46)

7. Dallas (45)

8. Denver (41)

9. Columbus (39)

10. Kansas City (33)

11. Minneapolis and Phoenix (32)  {numbers 11&12}

12. Portland (31)

13. Sacramento (30)

14. Indianapolis (29)

15. Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Louis (28) {#16 - 18}

16. Cincinnati, Fort Worth, San Jose (26) {#19 - 21}

17. Charlotte (25)

18. Miami (23)

19. Fresno, Long Beach, Oakland, San Antonio, Wichita (22) {#24 - 28}

20. Detroit (21)

21. Jacksonville, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, Tulsa (20) {#30 - 33}

22. Memphis (19)

23. Brooklyn, Rochester (18) {#35 & 36}

24. Washington D.C. (17)

25. Pittsburgh (16)

You'll notice that these are all larger cities ... I'm wondering if they went by the first three digits of the zip codes to make these cities.

This would skew the results .

For instance: 554xx is considered Minneapolis or a Minneapolis suburb ... 

This includes such mini-cities as Columbia Heights, Fridley, Bloomington, etc

St. Paul has 551xx ... This also includes the surrounding cities of South St. Paul. north St. Paul, Mendota Heights, Eagan, Inver Hills, West St. Paul, Sunfish Lake, Lilydale, Etc.

These are not neighborhoods, these are actual state recognized names of cities ... and most people don't even realize how bad it is ...

Until you move into a small town like we did and find there are several other towns in you zip code prefix that have the same name as your street.  That was fun to learn that there's a third city with our address ... Thank you DHL for the miss delivery.

Anyhow --

I'm wondering if that could acct for so many ties in this listing.

But I'm wondering what idiot called it a Top 25 CITY list, when it's really a Top 38 city list???

Oh wait ...

It's a federal job ... No one seems to know what they're doing there.

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