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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Numerology Class

( it's been a while)

average  price of Gas
$1.85 in  2008 (remember complaining about how high the price was?
$3.50 NOW

Wages, incomes, equity in homes have STAGNATED 
<i>NOTE: it must be said that I do NOT believe the minimum wage should go as high as they would like ($15/hr) ... and as much as I'd like to think that eliminating minimum wage would lower prices ... LOL - we all know THAT ain't gonna happen! </i> 

Stock market going up

Feds keep pumping out money 

Top 1% getting richer {highest average net worth on Forbes Top 400 - a list of Americas richest Americans)

So .... Obama asked if we were better off than we were 6 years ago when he took office ...

I'd say NO, not really

The middle class has suffered the most ... They have redrawn the lines as to what makes a middle-class American ... Instead of being $300,000 income it's now $150,000 to be considered "rich" ... Fewer people actually own the homes they live in ... More people work at minimum wage jobs because that's all that seems to be out there ... More people must use their credit cards to simply live - pay for food, clothes, etc.

No we are NOT better off ...

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