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Monday, September 29, 2014

WARNING: Mis-Information Being Distributed

This morning I woke up, turned on the television (after feeding the puppy and doing some light housework) and on the tv was "CBS This Morning" ....

Now I will admit that I am NOT a big fan of the CBS news department -- they have a very decided liberal view on EVERYTHING ... But they were interviewing Paul Ryan at the time so I thought I'd watch and see how they tried to twist his words (he did very well btw - held his own and CORRECTED them when they misquoted what he had just said ... That was funny as heck!)

So I decided to watch to see what else they would have on ... They had a piece on the American Academy of Pediactrics recommending SEMI-PERMANENT BIRTH CONTROL be used for GIRLS ages <b> 15 - 19 years old </b> 

So here's what was said ...

First, they want IUDs and implantable progesterone rods (the kind that go into the arm) to be used as a PRMARY form of birth control -- I'll talk about the health issues a bit later.

All the info I am going to share came from the mouth of <b> DR. HOLLY PHILLIPS </b>  -- if you've got her as a doctor, you may wish to rethink your choice!

I'm serious!

According to "Dr Phillips" 

>> "most kids I  high school -more than half - have sex"
<i>really? I'm guessing (a) they are sticking to big inner-city schools and (b) the data has been corrupted somehow - either by the way the question was stated or how the info was taken (I'm the type of person you do NOT want to give a survey to, I will tell you what's wrong with your questions) </i> 

>> 80% of teen pregnancies are unplanned
<i> WAIT A MINUTE, wait a minute -- so she is saying that<b><u> 20% of teen pregnancies were MEANT to happen??? </b></u> Hmmmm, that sounds a tad high - but then they are counting 18 & 19 years olds in that number.  Wonder how far that drops when they only take into consideration those on HIGH SCHOOL??? </i> 

Wait -- she gets better

>> Pediatriicians are the first to talk about sex and contraception with kids
<i>well that explains so much -- the SCHOOLS are the first ones to speak about it, remember when Clinton's Surgeon General wanted to start sex-ed in KINDERGARTEN???  Kids start getting contraceptive knowledge in about 4th or 5th grade ... Yup, they are telling 8, 9, 10 year olds about it peoples!  PARENTS should be the first ones to talk about it with kids, not schools, not doctors ... PARENTS </i> 

>> long acting reversible contraceptives - such as the IUDS and progestin implants that go under the arm - those are the most effective
<i> MISINFORMATION #1 ...  Read on please </i> 

>> CBS put up some stats ...
750,000 pregnancies/ year
80% junplanned {approximently 600,000}

>> the doctor continued on to say that IUDs are small devices that are put into the uterus takes about 5 minutes to install.
<i>true ... They are like 1" long or so, string hangs down out the end of the vagina.  Boy I hope they tell the girls about that so they don't pull it out like a tampon. </i> 

>> last up to 10 years, medical procedure needed to insert, most made of COPPER
<i> yes it is a METAL device that goes INSIDE your body.  If you've got a NICKLE allergy/sensitivity this will cause lots of problems ... Ask your dentist why they've switched to polymer-type fillings -- they will tell you, too many people have sensitivities to NICKLE these days ... The "copper" IUDs are copper coated not full copper, that would be way too expensive ... </i> 

>> "they disrupt the way the sperm reaches the egg"
<i> MISCONCEPTION #2 and my blowing point! IUDs do NOTHING to sperm - nor HOW THEY BEHAVE ...  More on this in a bit </i> 

>> "now in the past they got a little bit of a bad rap - in the 70s there was one call Dalkon Shield that actually had to be pulled from the market because it was linked with infections ... "
<i> infections????!!!! How about STERILIZATION?? BACTERIA ... Well that will all come in a bit ... Let's just get to more of the stupidity that came out of this doctor's mouth ... </i> 

>> " ... Now there's like 30 years of data showing they are safe, they are effective, um, even very well tolerated - even in teens"
<i> CAUTION sometimes too much data is just as bad as not enough ... Also IUDs have been around since 1900 or so - so 30 years of data still leaves 70 - 80 years of data missing .... Although granted these aren't your grandma's IUDs ... Oh wait - if your grandma had used an IUDS chances are you wouldn't be here! </i> 

OH MY  GODs - where do I begin???!!!!

First off -- IUDs do NOT prevent FERTILIZATION  -- they work by tugging the filament which hangs down every week to ABORT any babies that have implanted themselves to the uterine wall.  The scrapping of the uterine wall will cause the uterus to want to expell whatever is I rating it, thus getting rid of any implanted eggs.  Actually I don't know if you are supposed to do it once a week or once a month, I would assume that once a month would be sufficient.

Second, ALL IUDs have a filament which hangs out of the vaginal area - after all you need to tug it.  While, yes, they may be using a monofilament now - it is still a way for BACTERIA to enter the uterine area.  Those of us that lived in the 1970s, will remember when tampons were pulled from the shelves because they were linked to you to uteral infections.  The last thing you want in your uterus is an infection.  And yes, while the vaginal fluids kill several bacteria monofilament gives them a straight path into the uterus.

Third:  do they not remember when women were hemorrhaging from using the progesterone in plants?  I had just given birth to my first daughter, when the OB/GYN suggested that if we were going to wait five years for another child that I get those same implants ... Less then when you're later people were beginning to report massive hemorrhaging that wasn't controllable until after the implants were removed, and their bodies return back to its normal schedule.  

As a teenager I would not want to go through that ... Heck, as an adult I know I would not want to go through that!

The thing that really gets to me, is that the doctors are acting as parents ... The doctors are having what they call the facts of life talks with the kids ... I don't know if it's because parents are too busy working to sit and speak to their children, or if it's that the children are so busy with afterschool activities and trying to get their homework done before bedtime, or if it's that adults just don't seem to care much anymore?

But all the doctors can give kids is the medical side of things… Parents are needed to give the emotional side of things… The CONSEQUENCES of the actions which go along with the medical side of things needs to come from a parent's mouth.

Perhaps this is just having smaller families – older siblings don't get to see how hard it is to actually child!

Not just the pain of labor, but also getting up at 2 AM, 4 AM, and 6 AM and then having to go off to work/school.  Making sure that the infant fee at nearly the same time every night, the expense of diapers, formula, baby food, etc..   

Many families these days have just two children… This means that only the older child will see what it is like to have a baby in the home and the "disruption" that it makes to every day life.

Maybe – perhaps – I'm just a member of the generation of "just say no", but for me… To the chagrin of several dates… It worked.  I grew up inner city.  I grew up middle-class.  I went to college.  I did not have a lot of my own money.  And when I met the man that I finally decided to marry, we had a long talk that I called the "what if" talk

I think we need to teach your children to have more "what if" talks with their partners.

Question one: what if… I get pregnant?
Question two: what if… One of us gets a disease?
Question three: what if… I get pregnant and I get a disease?

If you don't like the answers to any of these questions… DON'T HAVE SEX

question four: is this the man that you want to have as the father of your child?
Question five: what kind of environment did he grow up in?
Question six: would he be willing to give up time from what he wants to do, to do with your child wants to do? Or needs to do?

If you do not like these answers to any of these questions… DO NOT HAVE SEX

It's that simple

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