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Tuesday, October 07, 2014


A law was passed in California which requires chickens which supply eggs sold in the state must have a space that is big enough for the chickens to stand up, turn around, and spread their wings. This amounts to open areas about 1 foot tall 2 foot deep and 3 foot wide, since a bird's wing can be anywhere between 1 to 1 1/2 ft wide depending on breed.

The California-based Federal judge throughout the court case from six other states Attorneys General ... Saying the suit " didn't have legs" in the California court system.

Chris Costner (AG-MO) filed the lawsuit citing Commerce & Supremacy guaranteed in the US Constitution were being violated by this law… because it would dictate the practices of farms and other states hoping to sell the product there, and it could lead into other forms of agriculture.

Attorney Generals from5I other states (AL, IA, KY, NE, OK) joined a lawsuit against the California law. 

Now if you do not actually raise chickens yourselves, you probably don't realize how big these birds actually are.

They can have a wingspan up to nearly 3 foot wide!  When they are standing fully erect they can get anywhere between 18 inches – 2 foot high ... 

To tell the truth – I think the majority of people in the USA don't really care!

They just want the food on the table, they don't want to know where it comes from or how it got there?

But then two – this is California! They have more regulations on products sold in their state boundaries then ANY OTHER STATE in the United States! 

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