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Monday, October 06, 2014


So Ebola has killed 3400 people ... The majority of which is in west Africa ....

While those numbers are concerning .... 

You have to wonder why it is getting so much news time???

I thought they said there were 100,000s of people who died from it in Africa?!

That I can see . That brings it not the number rNge of the sancish Flu epidemic of the 1920s or so ... When there was an outbreak after WW1 which killed hundreds of thousands of people in the US alone ... One of whom was, we believe, my mothers older sister ... Dorothea ... When the little time was only a few years old (well before my mothers birth) 

We only learned of this child after my mothers passing as dad and I were going through my mothers baby book ... Grandma had reused the one for Dorothea for my mother ... Interesting.

But ... So Ebola isn't as big an impact as we thought ... At least FOR NOW ...

If it ever goes airborne, like a cold or flu, then we've got some real issues!

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