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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


A second nurse has now been diagnosed with the Ebola

Sounds like she took to clean – the first to Detroit Cleveland, and then a flight back

She was also found to have a low-grade fever while on the flight

According to the CDC, you have to have 104 fever before you are contagious

But the man who died in Dallas only had one of 103

They are also claiming that Obama canceled to campaign stops today so that he could have a White House meeting on the Ebola virus

They did not however mention that the Democrats that are running have been telling him to go away ... That they don't want him near them .... Even Michelle Obama has not been doing very well on the trail


This nurse that is the second one diagnosed she was definitely on the list of the people they were supposed to be watching

The CDC says that she should never have been cleared to go on any flights

Well aren't we glad the government stepping up to the plate on this one?

I knew I should've ordered that has met equipment!  Probably too late now

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