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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top universities

US News & World Reports has reliefs their list of the top universities of the world ....  Not surprisingly, the majority of them are from the United States.

#5 University of Oxford, England
#4 Stanford University, USA
#3 University of California – Berkeley, USA
#2 M IT, USA
#1 Harvard university, USA

The top 500 universities/colleges breaks down according to the phone number is in the following countries

134 USA
_ 42 Germany
_ 38 United Kingdom
_ 27 China

Another report that I saw on CBS did not say what criteria was used to rank these schools ... It could be graduation numbers, degrees offered, number of graduates, number of enrollees, or the conditions of the school themselves ... Just to name a few things.

I found it rather interesting, that MIT is playing second fiddle to Harvard -- besides the fact that they stress two different types of education MIT being technical lead based, Harvard being more in the humanities) .... I was also surprised that John Hopkins University did not show up in the top five - they are a very high rated, top-notch medical school in the United States ... unless perhaps something has changed there, but I haven't heard of anything.

And I suppose also that if there was a magazine that did a similar report it and see Germany, UK, China, or even Pakistan that their schools would also be in the top rankings of those universities.

And it's not unusual that we have a higher number sense I believe that United States is more likely to have more in vast numbers of universities then the other countries.

I was shocked to find the University of Berkeley listed though!  After all it is also amongst the ranks of the high "party schools" ... And let's face it, no one thinks of California as a rainy state!

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