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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Economic Education

Pres. Obama likes to say that the economy is getting better ....

And if you just look at the stock market for this year, it kind of appears that way

But there's still a lot of economic questions going on for every day people (not stockbrokers) 

yesterday (3 November 2014) only one of the three major star stockmarkets was up, The other two lost money.  I do not have the percentages for each one but here are the numbers that I have:
Dow _______ down ___  24.28 ___ 17,366.24
S&P 500 ___ down______ 0.24 ____ 2017.81
NASDAQ ___ up ________ 8.16 ____ 4638.91
But what has the dog been doing for the year?

That's a little more interesting, we've only had three quarters come in so far – and the stock market has been very jumpy lately a lot of ups and a lot of downs - I mean a LOT of downs!

1Q: down 2.1%
2Q: up 4.6%
3Q: up 3.5%

O--O O--O O--O O--O O--O O--O O--O O--O 
1% excellent
17% good
48% only fair
33% poor
25–20 7 October 2014 
Registered voters
MOE +/-  3%

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