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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Economic Education

People complain all the time about the amount of money that spent during the election

A total of $3.67 billion was spent on this midterm election

So the majority of Americans must know how to really spend their money wisely then, right?

(apart from this election)

$83 billion beer
$69 billion lotto tickets
$6 billion Taco Bell

TOTAL is over $500 billion, nearly $600 billion (including what we spent on the election) ...

Just think if that money will put against the deficit

Used to feed the poor

Find warm housing for the homeless

Get Detroit out of debt 

wait – that was my mistake, they got themselves into debt they can get themselves out of debt

i'm just trying to say two things

A) don't tell other people where to spend their money (people in glass houses…)
B) people are really stupid

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