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Monday, December 15, 2014

Economic Education

Barrel of Crude Oil

It's been about 5 years since its been this low!

And the pump prices are proving it ...

13 states are at or under $2/gallon for regular gas

§  Alabama
§  Arizona
§ Colorado 
§  Indiana 
§  Missouri 
§  Nebraska 
§ Ohio 
§  Oklahoma 
§  Texas 
 To name a few ...  And they are all across the Use too - not just the south, not just the Midwest ... Kinda interesting ...

When we lived at the old house we had Waste Management as our trash collector ... I remember when the gas prices first approached $2/gallon - they decided to add a "temporary" fuel charge ...

It was never taken off ... It was just worked into their regular fee over time ... 

You will find that with ANY business that is/was charging you a "fuel fee" because of rising fuel costs ...

Watch - the fee will go away, but the cost for the service will go up

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