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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Economic Education

Have you noticed the prices at the gas pj ps lately?

A barrel of crude oil is 

The lowest it's been since July 2009

Hmmm ... Wonder why?

Ru,or sin the gas mustery is that gas will be less than $2/gallon by the new year!

I've heard people say that it's because of the shaling that's happening in the US ... And the amount of oil we've been getting is in fact going up ... But not enough to explain the drop if you ask me ...

I think it's because the republicans are going to be taking over both houses of congress ...

Think about it ...

The republicans are for the pipeline from Canada through the U.S. ...

The republicans are for allowing more companies to "Drill Baby Drill!"

The republicans are for deregulation ...

Republicans are for corporate tax breaks for companies keeping jobs in America ...

Yeah ...

I'm sure it's the US oil industry that causing the price drop ...

Actually ... I don't care!

If it's gonna cut the $$$ going on the credit card to fill the tank of the SUV ... Still necessary for a farmer (or a pick up) .... I don't really care why.

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