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Thursday, December 04, 2014


Just a few boo-boos from in the news…


Well it appears that peta has taken to crew ships…

Passengers are buying live lobsters and then releasing them into the ocean – but the stupid idiots are forgetting to take the rubber bands off of the clause first… This means that the lobsters cannot defend themselves

Then there's also the fact that where they are releasing the lobsters… It's not there natural habitat - so there are no more lobsters of their type to breed with… So they die… Not to mention the fact that the food that they eat isn't there

Marine biologist say… They probably didn't live any longer, then if the people had just eaten them to begin with

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only in South Wells will you ever hear of this happening -  okay maybe in Detroit Michigan as well

Santa Claus showed up for a gathering of children riding in with his normal reindeer and sleigh

He delighted the children did what he was supposed to do and then it was time to leave

Imagine the surprise on the little children's faces when the Pattiway get a rolled up in Santa climbed inside and was taken away

Officials of the event, claim that it was planned ... Thinking that Santa would need a quick getaway, and that it would give some comedy for the parents

Sorry guys – taking Santa in a petty Wegen is never funny

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