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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Guess I Can Drink In Two Nations Now

As you may know I am third generation American ... My great-grandfather came over from Poland.

My father spoke some Polish while we were growing up, but not a lot by the time I came along ... But he spoke enough to help repatriot Polish people who survived WW2 ....

He used to visit the old family farm in Thorpe WI as a child and spoke Polish then since his grand-family spoke little or broken English ....

Anyways ... I have two older brothers who speak excellent Polish.

I know one took lessons in the Polish section of our town ... Well, his town ... To learn.  Not sure where my other brother learned his - I always assumed that he simply learned it growing up.

I speak very little Polish and I'm sure that even has a strong American accent to it ... I can say hello ... Thank you ... Please ... Fine/good ... Butt (only I've learned it's the bad word for it) ... And then there's food names.

But that's about it ...

I downloaded a couple of apps to learn ... And they were free apps.

One was WordPower .... Everyday I get a random word with verbalization and some spoken sentences using the word.  

The other is the google translator with a mic so it can hear what I'm saying and translate it ...

Normally I do pretty good ... 

Not today 

Today's word was "55" ... That's it ... Just a number ...

Simple right?

Well - no

If I wanted to order 55 pierogi (they are soooo good) the waiter would likely bring me either 5 10 15 .... Or ... 5 10 .... Or ... 515 - I mean they're good but I don't think I could eat that many!

Or he would look at me funny because I might have said

"Life is spinning" or "life is a lot of it" or "full of it"

Insert sigh here ...

I can do this .... Really I can.

Oh and I put in 55 and had the translator say it in Polish ....

I thought that was what I said. .... 

Maybe I need to use my "Polish" accent ... I usually use it when I read to kids books about the Old Country ... Like Matrushkas cookies or Strega Nona or the like ... 

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