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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Operation Choke Point ...

I knew that the government was making it tough for some businesses to operate, but I thought it was only going to apply to those linked directly to crime ...

Instead they are preventing banks from loaning money to, keeping accounts of the following types of businesses:

OCP Targeted Businesses

Ammunition sales
Cable Box De-Scramblers
Coin DeLers
Credit Card Schemes
Credit Repair services
Dating services
Debt Consulodation scams
Drug Paraphelania
Escort services *
Firearm sales
Firework sales
Get Rich products*
Government Grants
Home based charities
Life-Time Guarentees
Lottery sales
Mailing Lists/Personal Info
Money Transfer Networks
Online Gambling
Payday Loans
Pharmeuetical sales
Ponzi Schemes*
Pyramid type sales
Racist materials
Sure alliance Equipment
(List continues but faded out on the news, * are just those mentioned in the report)

It seems like some of these services, etc, are actually legitimate items and you have to wonder why they are even listed ...

Dating companies? Really? 
I can see "Escort services" but not dating services ... People don't know how to meet these days outside of the Internet/social media.

And then there are the banking industry types listed as well ... 
I mean Check Cashing places? Really?  
I've never used them but I'm sure there's people in my family who have needed them in an emergency ... Or someone who doesn't have a bank account who needs their paycheck cashed ...

The story was about a firearm sales man who suddenly found his bank wasn't going to do business with him anymore ...


The right to bear arms is in the Constitution ... It's one of the ORIGINAL rights ... It allows people to hunt for food and defend their property.

It is not the fault of the arms dealers or the ammo salesperson that there are IDIOTS who use these things in committing crimes!

Why not put CAR SALES on there too -- after all, they need to get away somehow!

Or CLOTHING SALES ... They have to wear clothes, you know ...

This is why we should NOT allow government to try to prevent these types of issues ...

They will OVERSTEP their boundaries ...

Aren't you glad they are in charge of health care now???

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