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Thursday, February 05, 2015

FOLLOW-UP: 9 year Old Brides

Here's a follow up listing some of the other crap found in the ISIS Girl Guide:

- girls can marry at age 9

- Girls must stay behind closed doors, going out only for EXCEPTIONAL reasons

- living hidden & veiled, living in SERVICE of men, who they should call MASTER

- beauty shops are works of the devil

- women should not be corrupted by a job - exception is for a job where there are no men to work that job

- all education for girls should stop by age 15

The weird part?

It is being enforced by an all WOMEN GROUP within ISIS which is being lead by a BRITSH woman, aged 20!

Wow ...

So she grew up with freedoms ...

And now she's taking it away from other girls ...


What a piece of work!

I feel for her family ...

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