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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Election 2016

Well well well ....

Get ready for athe new Clinton scandal ...

This time it's all about the emails ...

The one set up for BILL CLINTON which was then taken over by Hillary ... She's got his balls why not his servers too, I guess ...

Actually I think we've all wondered how cool it would be to have our own server ... Mostly before they came out with computers - hell, cell phones - with over a gig of space!

But even if we did have one - I don't think the MAJORITY of Americans would have an issue with having our devices looked through IF we were involved in an investigation.

Aren't we glad we had a Secretary of State that understands how devices work?

1) She didn't want to handle more than one device

2) she doesn't know you can have more then one email address on your PERSONAL device (she should have asked Weiner)

3) she felt it wasn't her JOB to keep her official emails

4) she seems to understand not turning over the servers ... I assume she learned from Lois Lerners errors.

5) she doesn't seem to understand that personal accounts are easier to hack/attack than government ones

But I think the most telling piece of information was when she was saying why she wouldn't turn over the servers she sighted emails she sent to Bill ...

For his part - his spokesperson had ALREADY, nearly 24 hours before her statement, that he had only sent a total of TWO emails .... One to John Glenn and I forget who the other went too

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