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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Ekectui 2016

okay - there now are 2 candidates on on the GOP side of things

Rand Paul has thrown his hat into the race ... 

yes - i am using my keyboard .... so please excuse the typos -- they will just tend to happen until i get used to it again, and i hate editing ... and Siri wont do it when im using the wireless keyboard ... Life will go on

btu things have gotten jumping on the news now ... 

everything from jumping down Paul's campaign's collective throat for misspelling the word "education" on his campaign site .... hey, maybe they were using a wireless keyboard and just didn't realize that it doesn't autocorrect ...

to talking about his flipping on military spending .... hello - do we not remember how the Cliton's used to pick where they went on vacation by polling the general pubic???

so far though, nothing too bad.

we will have to see how he actually does in the primaries though .... or if he is going to pull a Santorum and pull out just as his ball gets rolling

that really made me sad ... I want a huge Santorum fan, but he was probably the better of alll those running on the GOP ticket at the time ... even Romney -- i think they got ROmney because the Dems voted cross-party *thats not what its called, my folks did it in the 70s to get whoever it was that ran against Nixon on the ticket in 72, I cant remember what its called .... I'll think of it tonight when I start to go to sleep, I just know I will)

So the GOP now has Rand Paul and Cruz (sorry, don't remember his first name)  running ....

lets hope we don't have 20 candidates running this time like we did last time ... lets keep it to around 3 or 4 please ... 

Conservatives don't need THAT many choices .... really



I wonder if Fred Thompson will be running again?

I like Fred ....

he's funny ....  and did you hear him in the House Chambers? He can kick butt!

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