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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Economics 101

Ok - this is kind of a strange comment ion - but bare with me

Washington state & Seattle in particular has BANNED TRAVEL to the state of Indiana ....


Because Indiana had the nerve to pass a law that support a part of the US Constitution ...

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

New Mexico
North Carolina
commonwealth of rhode island
I don't know why they're picking on Indiana other than the possibility that their governor was/is rumored to be running for President on the GOP ticket ...

Well they've got to do something to distract from Hillary's email gaff

Remember that a FEDERAL version of this law was passed under BILL CLINTON's term as President

The Indiana law DEFINES what a "person" is ... It includes Partnerships & companies

Okay ... Now why I put this under Economics 101 ...

If a business ... Such as a bakery or florist does not wish to serve to gay couples getting married because of the religious beliefs of the religious beliefs of the owners ....  THE MONEY will make the difference ...

If they can afford not to do those cakes, that's fine

If people decide that they are clods and refuse to buy food or flowers from them that good too ....

 But let the market to the work!

Same thing with other businesses ... If there is a pull of money eventually the owners will either change or close their doors ...

Kinda sad for the people who will lose their jobs but that's the way economics work ...

Really, it is

The real question is:

Do we want a country where they dictate what you are allowed to THINK and FEEL?

I don't think so

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