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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Election 2016

Jeb Bush ....

His WIFE is from Mexico .... He is NOT .... this does not make him an "honorary Hispanic"

of course, if you had looked at his voter registration card from Florida you wouldn't know this ... 

when asked about it by reporters he said

" it kind of bizarre to think theres some kind of a plot here.  The simple fact is that i must have signed the form when we moved.  I am who I am.  Proud of the fact that i live in Florida, you know in Miami.  Proud of the fact that Im bilingual, but I'm certainly anglo."

First off, its not Anglo - its WHITE or caucasian ... get it right.

Its enough to raise questions to me ....

I can not believe this never came up during his run for Florida governor ....

he has 33% UNfavorable in the polls right now .... I guess thats the highest of anyone runing right now on the GOP side of things .... it might even be worse than Hillary, but I'm not sure.

Lets remember the issue made over the democratic senator/house representative who claimed to be Native American ....

What's good for the Goose, is sauce for the Gander if you ask me.

if she had to pull out because of her claim - and i do think she had some Native American blood in her, just not as much as she thought/claimed - then Bush should have to pull out too.

Remember that there is a HUGE Hispanic/Latino population in FLorida .... so I could see where this "mis-check" could have been a way to quell votes, you know?

I have one brother who favors hispanic women, one who favors Native American ladies .... that doesn't make us part hispanic or Native American ... we are 100% Polish decent (according to my mother, although Dad thought she must have had some Irish in her because she had reddish hair .... I go with Mom on this one)

I'm just saying - you cant change your genetic/ethnic make-up based on "injection" ...

If this were the case, I'd be all sorts of mixed up ... including Blackfoot Indian, although I did alwayys have dirty feet as a child ... I know, really bad joke ... sorry ... sorry.

Lets make up for it ...

Did you here about the guy who ran into the police station claiming his wife was trying to kill him?  She went shopping and brought home some Polish Remover!  

I like that one, actually :-)

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