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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

ALERT: Boston Bomber Trial

The juries are in ...

The younger brother who made the pressure cooker bombs which blew up/out nearly 2 years ago at the Boston Matrathon has been fund GUILTY of ALL 30 charges brought against him

The next phase will decide what his punishment will be .... life in Prison or Death

There is ONE juror who said during the vetting stage that she did NOT believe in the death penalty but she felt that if the crime was so bad that she MIGHT be able to look over her own prejudice to hand down that verdict.

Actually it is not surprising that he was found guilty of the death penalty crimes -- they all dealt with either the bomb itself or causing the death of another human being.

Boston is very liberal, in fact Massachusetts is a very liberal state .... They were the home of the Kennedy's .... They are where the lobs go on vacation .... They are where mandatory health care got its beginnings (but that was under State law, so that was fine)

Even if he gets Death, he bomber will still have several YEARS of life as the seemingly endless amount of Appeals goes through the courts.

That's why they say it's cheaper to keep them alive then to give Death because the TAXPAYER is the one who foots the bills for those Appeals not the prisoner or their family (not sure if it's the same with a high-power, high cost attorney like he has now)

They say that during the trial the bomber showed little or no emotion - not even when photos of the aftermath was shown, not even during the footage of EMS responding to the scene ... The jury was in tears but he didn't do ANYTHING.

I'm sure we will not hear the rest of this trial will be big in the news, but I will let you know.   

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