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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Numerology class

CA is in a long drought ...

They're figures sound off though ...

180 gallons of water/day/person 

They have low flow toilets so each flush = 2.5 gallons
They take shorter showers, let's say they = 10 gallons
People need to drink = 1 gallon a day
Let's say for cooking = 1/4 gallon (1 qt)

Still this does not add up to 150 gallons a day yet .... Not even close unless they are having stomach issues and have to use the bathroom a LOT.

Of course there are pools & hot tubs, but those only need to be filled like once a month if even that often ...

There are animals, but I don't think that would get counted under "per person" counts, although I suppose water use for pets would be.

I'm betting they are counting the water used for watering grass & trees .... Which were never native to the land in the first place, btw.

And I'm also betting they're including the water use for city FOUNTAINS which benefit NO ONE....

They like to attack the agriculture businesses out there - crops which are also NOT native to the area - but perhaps they need to look at the water used in public features first before going after the farmers & ranchers in the area.

Let's get this out there first though ...

CA like the other states which surrounds it ... Is supposed to be a DESERT!!!!!!!
At least the lower half is supposed to be.

Just like Nevada, new Mexico. and Arizona -- it is not supposed to be green and lush all the time, if at all. 

It might be like Texas, where they have both dry periods & lusher periods - but it's not supposed to be full of lawns, flowers, trees, etc.  okay, maybe nearer/closer to the oceans edge but not all the way inland.

Did we not learn anything from when they tried to plant trees that didn't belong in the Midwest in the 1800s?

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