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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Health Alert: ANTHRAX

ARMY INTELLIGENCE:  we all know the old joke about it being an oxymoron ...

now it seems to be par for course in the entire Pentagon>!

The Pentagon is reporting that it sent LIVE Anthrax to some states when it meant to send DEAD cells instead ... the dead cells are used to make a vaccine - but it takes a loooooong time to produce, ths the reason for them sending then across the nation

if there was an outbreak, they want the vaccine to be close at hand for the first responders & military .... and yu will want them vaccinated, trust me -- after all who will help your parents or kids or grandkids if the doctors, nurses, EMS go down?  who will protect your home, business, neighborhood if the military is infected?

but -- you would think that they would have a marked DIFFERENTLY between live & dead cell Anthrax ... you knw .... so things like this wouldn't happen~

so ... 

From Dougway Proving Ground, UT

To Government & PRIVATE Labs in:
New Jersey
New York

The CDC has quarantined and medicated 4 people for POSSIBLE exposure to the cells, but they are investigating how this may have happened although they don't think the general public is at risk at the moment.

 I suspect that we will find the number of labs or the number of states will grow ....

Holy Cow ... really guys???

is it so impossible to put a big Mr Yuk sticker on the live cells bottles?  how about a dead cow  then? 

The first time I ever heard of anthrax was in a Gunsmoke radio episode where some guys were selling slaughtered steers which were infected with anthrax ... i think it was a Little House on the Prairie episode too, bt the Gunsmoke show stands out most in my head ...

Get it together guys -- this isn't the common cold your dealing with ....

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