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Monday, August 24, 2015

Economic Education

UPDATE 12noon ET
The market is continuing to climb up, albeit slow & unsteady

Even more amazing is that Apple inc stock is back in the GREEN!  This amazes me since it was the biggest loser to start the day 

UPDATE. 11:30ish ET

This makes sense ... Lunchtime means more people getting to their smart phones & electronic traders --  numbers appear to be moving onwards 


UPDATE 11:00am NYT

Switched devices and the charts look a little different, but you'll get the picture
Close up on Ticker:

So, what's the difference?
You see more tick markers on the iPad version as opposed to the iPhone version

Update. 10:30AM ET

The Dow is getting its butt kicked .... again .... but way MAJORLY today.

It opened DOWN by 1.100 shares!

All stocks are down and in the red ... They keep calling it a "correction" but I'm thinking it's the start of the next Depression era ...

It opened at 15, 820 then dropped in 2 minutes to 15,406 .... Remember that FRIDAY it closed at 16,468 .... So far at 10am ET the highest it got up to was 15, 924 at 9:45 am (NY time) ...
Anyway you look at it, we're gonna be in trouble -- especially if you are in the middle class who has your retirement fund in an IRA or 401K tied into the stock market!

Check the NYSE tracker here on my page (I think o still have it up) .... If you can, today on lunch consider buying some fairly large stock names which have dropped quite a bit but are likely to jump back up eventually .... And - I know hubby is considering this -- buy precious metals!

Gold, silver, copper ... All good metals to have.  But I suggest getting a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands purchase as opposed to some piece of paper that says you (might) own such-and-such amount.   

Right now the main pull down is from China ... Their economy is on a downturn and they are taking everything else too.

Right now - it is being saved by people buying stocks hoping just to boost things up.

I have not seen a single stock in the green yet, but there has to be at least one some place'

I'm as guilty as anyone else -- I've let the credit card bill get way too high ... Not huge, but around a tenth of our yearly adjusted income .... That's quite a bit .... I'd prefer to have it paid off each month and now with DS#2 starting college, DD#2 getting braces, and DS#1 looking at getting married it's getting a bit tight for a middle-class family!  Then there is DD#1 who is insisting on standing on her own two feet .... at least as long as I'm not there to hear her ask Dad or siblings for $ to fill the gas tank.

Normally I spend maybe $300 at most on non-necessities (aka Crafting Supplies) but last month I took a HUGE bite. About 2 months worth of products since my new favorite spot had a major sale - like 90% off - and hubby hadn't fixed the .... Well, let's just blame hubby .... :-D

Will keep an eye on things and up date at the top as needed.

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