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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Economic Education

Get ready for another tipsy-turbo day on Wall Streèt!

Just saw on Twitter that the Chinese stock market closed this morning after LOSING nearly 8% again!

It's going to be tough in a few years ... Well about 15-20 years if we're lucky .... Because everything will be way too expensive to buy.

We're fairly lucky -- we have farmland so we can grow quite a bit of our food, I can so I can put food aside ... But others who do not have this in their background -- like my oldest who never really took an interest in this sort of thing -- will have a much tougher time when food gets to near unbuyable amounts.

I suspect that before the end of the year we will be seeing more stories of people moving into extended home arrangements ... That is younger & older generations living together, but hardly all Little House or The Waltons style!

Let's hope this straightens out quickly

Keep you eyes on the site 

I will begin 1/2 hour updates around 9am ÈT/8 CT ... 

Unless I finally get some sleep

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