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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Economic Education

Well it's better but not pretty ...

Stocks are up from yesterday ... "In the Green" as they say it still no where near where it was before the crash at the beginning of the year.

I think the reason we haven't heard Dooms Day talk on the news -– and thus panicking people -- is that, well, Republicans tend not to fuss too much when it comes to the Stock Market.

The news media, although they reported on the fall, did not jump on this like they did when it happened during the last Presidential primaries ... Remember that the whole Housing Crisis actually lasted nearly 24 months before it reached its highest point.

I guess yesterday's dip around 3pm ET was started by RUMORS about Chinese troops being moved ... but I could not get any info on where they were supposed to moved to/from or why ... I think we can assume it was a false news story ....

I guess it's also normal that "sell orders" to be held off until the END of the day -- I'm not really sure if that means that everyday folk need to wait to dump bad stock, or that it's every bodies sold stock, or if they just don't enter that info into the stock market until then ...

If it's the first -- that's so wrong.  Small spenders can't afford to wait when dumping a bad stock

If it's the last, that's even worse because it gives us a false sense of security ... This would mean that (a) people are buying on false reporting and (b) we may be in much worse financial state that we know of.

I'm leaning towards buying precious goods ...

And food ...

Lots and lots of food ...

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