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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Economic Education

UPDATE After Closing

Yes, I know, I'm very late.  Hubby came home early & I found near 100 eggs in hen house, then there was other farm work to do too ...

Anyhow -- here's the last screen shot of the market for the day ... At 3:30pm ET it was around +230 or so ... Then suddenly at about 15 minutes to close it started to drop and FAST ... In 15 minutes 300 puts were lost!

Scary as heck, I'm telling you

UPDATE 2:00pm ET
Seems to be leveling off again.
They keep saying it's just a "regular correction" -- I think a normal correction is like maybe 100 puts NOT 1000!

UPDATE. 1:30pm
Wow - that's falling again - still up from yesterday, but it is going down again

UPDATE 1:00pm 
Still going downward, although not as bad as yesterday

UPDATE 12noon ET

UPDATE 11:30am ET
Time for the lunch crowds to start bargain hunting, or crap dumping ....

UPDATE 11:00am ET

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