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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Election 2015

The poll podium standings:

Polls used to get the average numbers were: Bloomberg, cbs, foxnews, monic university, and quinpiac university

1) Donald trump
2) Jen bush
3) Scott Walker ( 10.2%)
4) mike huckleberry
5) dr. Ben Carson, neurosurgeon
6) Ted Cruz (5.4%)
7) Marco Rubio 
8) rand Paul (4.8%)
9).chris christie
10) John kasich. (3.2%))

Debate will be held in Ohio

There are two people with no political background at all (trump & Carson), several senators, a bunch of governors.

Interesting that Walker who seemed to jump in awfully late is sitting at #3 already .... I think that's a good sign.

I can not believe that trump is really in this race!  Yes he has a big mouth, he flaps that tough and gets lots of press, but that does NOT make him a viable candidate .... He would be an absolute joke to send overseas to work with Russia or Iran .... Si er running down my spine now.

We had a couple clowns in MN as governors -- we do not want this on a national level -- TRUST ME ...

It will make for interesting television ... I want to see them go after trump - Cruz, bush, Christie, and kasich all have issues with him.  Then there is the trouble with the roads in WI -- I'm sorry, I just went from MN to IN and WI roads were the BEST roads we were ever on! That was MN - WI -  IL - IN then from IN - IL - IA - MN . $12 in tolls to get to South Bend, IN ... $0 in tolls to get back!

More to come later 

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